The International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), described by the New York Times as “one of the most accomplished and adventurous groups in new music", advances contemporary music, develops innovative new works and new strategies for audience engagement. ICE brings together new work and new listeners.

ICE projects are innovative, multi-disciplinary, modular and flexible. The ensemble is comprised of 33 instrumentalists performing with a modular structure, from solos to chamber performances to large ensembles. They perform in venues spanning from alternative spaces to concert halls around the world. A performance may consist of a laptop alone on the stage of a nightclub one night, a performance installation in a gallery with three ICE musicians the next night and a large ensemble on stage at Lincoln Center the night after that.

ICE launched an education initiative bringing together leading composers with youth ensembles in new works to be performed side-by-side with ICE. ICE musicians take young people -- and their schools, families and communities -- through the entire collaborative process of bringing premiere pieces to life.

The Ensemble has received a big award to support activity to develop, engage, and sustain diverse new listeners through programming that is free and open to the public, by serving constituencies with little access to the art form, working with students of all backgrounds, forming new partnerships with community leaders and cultural organizations entities not typically associated with the performing arts, and perform in nontraditional venues.

Concerts are run not only in ICE’s home cities, New York and Chicago, but also in cities and rural areas throughout the United States, and internationally.

ICE's aim is to remove the barrier associated with classical music and offer opportunities to diverse new audiences.



International Contemporary Ensemble - Franz Schubert: Octet, Movement ןן




 International Contemporary Ensemble - Beethoven (arr. William Schimmel): 

Egmont Overture




International Contemporary Ensemble -  Beethoven: Trio in G Major, Op 9, No.1 





  International Contemporary Ensemble - J.S. Bach (arr. Salvatore Sciarrino): 

Toccata (from Toccata and Fugue)




International Contemporary Ensemble  - Beethoven: Septet