Ten Pieces is a nationwide program in the UK, aiming to open up the world of classical music to a new generation of children and inspire them to develop their own creative responses to the music while dismissing the preconception that classical music is "just for old people".

The children are introduced to ten music works through specially made films that use a mix of live action and animation giving young people a fresh perspective to enjoying classical music. The Ten Pieces films feature the BBC National Orchestra of Wales performing a selection of orchestral music, representing a wide range of styles. Each piece of music is introduced by celebrity presenters known to the age group. The films are designed to act as an exciting gateway to orchestral music, stimulating the audience to respond creatively to the repertoire through their own composition, dance, digital art and, performance poetry

In addition to pupils around the country being taken to their local cinema to view a BBC film about classical music, live Ten Pieces concerts are performed by BBC Orchestras and the BBC Singers around the UK, free of charge, opening up the world of classical music to young people


BBC News - Ten Pieces of classical music program