Ends & Means




To act to change the alienated image of classical music as extremely serious and old fashioned, and to encourage the appreciation of music and its comprehension while spreading it by a range of means and by exposing it to new audiences, with a special emphasis on the population of peripheral communities.

On the other side of the coin, the association will aspire to contribute to the enrichment of the individual and the community by exposing them to the culture of classical music listening.


Photo: (c) Hanan Shamir



Organize and promote classical music performances, especially in peripheral communities, while charging negligible prices or, as much as possible, even free of charge.

Carry out educational, social and cultural activities within the community to advance the comprehension of classical music.

Initiate platforms for guided listening of classical music.

Collaborate with musical organizations to promote classical music to new audiences.

Study the existent global database on the subject of "The composition of the circle of classical music enthusiasts and the means to broaden it".

Activity aimed to raise funds and resources to support the objectives of the association.